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Fun game but not too easy. Thank you very much. 

Good fun, thanks!

Awesome! I can add this to the list of Amiga games that I play every Christmas, which also includes Xmas Lemmings, Robocod, Fire & Ice, and Cannon Soccer 🎅

This looks awesome can not wait to give it a try

Hi man!
This game is simply fantastic. You can feel the spirit of Christmas while you're playing it ;) 
And there is a great feeling of challenge. Awesome credits at the end. 
Cheers and thx for Santa Run
Cheers DJ Metune too and Ten Shu

Great game! Great developement crew! Cheers mate!

WOW This was an amazing game! Is there anyway to get the music? Just to listen to. The game music is just wonderful :D Thank you for making it! :)

i’ll upload the music module a little later for you.Thanks for playing and merry xmas. 

What an epic game! Cheers guys. We've featured it on our website

Merry Christmas !

Rock on!!!!