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Turbo Sprint Beta Version 1.4 

This is a time limited release of my port of Super Sprint to the Commodore Amiga AGA Platform.  The intention of the release is to get play testing and hardware compatibility feed back - or feed back in general about the game.

There is a time limit of 5 minutes in game play before the game will Guru/Crash - this is intentional as to not make it obvious to remove the time limit.


  • Blue Car is mapped to Joystick Port 2
  • Red Car is mapped to Joystick Port 1 (Mouse Port)
  • Yellow Car is mapped to Q/A and Space Bar keys
  • Green Car is mapped to O/P and M keys

The remapping of controls has had limited testing.


Amiga A1200/A4000/CD32

Note - Hi-Scores will be saved to the directory the game has been executed from.  

While the game can be ran from hard drive limited testing has been done with the hi-score saving so you run it from a hard drive at YOUR OWN RISK.

Known Issues

There are still some bugs in the game.


  1. Occasionally the game will completely crash (this is due to the Tornado sprite).
  2. Cars will not adhere to boundaries when spinning.
  3. Chopper colours some times go Grey
  4. Car is not respawned at the correct Y line
  5. The controller setup code is not completed
  6. If you exit the game from the menu, Workbench is likely to crash
  7. In order to run on stock Amiga's you may need to disable external drives to get as much chip memory as possible.


The game runs in hires interlaced mode.  If you run on WinUAE you can disable interlace mode by selecting Double Fields within the Display options.  Some older LCD televisions with SCART connections will deinterlace the display automatically, this makes the game look superb.

Enjoy and please feed back any comments to the following places:

English Amiga Board development link 


Social Media page


Twitter: pushpoppwn


Install instructions

Download ADF and either play on your favourite Amiga Emulator.

Note - If running on WinUAE you must use at least version 4 if you have Z2/3 Fast Ram Enabled


SuperSprint_Beta1_5.adf 880 kB

Development log


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Niiiicccce! Please add support for 4-Player-Adapter! :)


yes, the game already supports 4 player adapters via parallel port.