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i enjoyed playing this on the Amiga Mini, i have noticed as someone has said that the steering does flick the opposite way instead of going straight after a turn.

Hi - just bought the game. Great version! I play the arcade version at my favorite bar and also the emulation version :)


Is the boxed version still available from somewhere?

The boxed version is available for pre-order at - est. delivery around feb/march 2022

This is a lovely-looking port but it's almost unplayable due to a weird control quirk whereby if I turn left and then let go of the joystick, the car does a little slew to the right all by itself. Any reason for that?

Have you tried the keyboard controls?  I've never had that reported before.  

Try starting with the Yellow car with Q/W and Space.

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Keyboard control does the same thing. (I'm playing on Retropie via Amiberry, but I've never had the problem with any other game. Control on the Amiga port of ST Super Sprint, for example, is tight as a drum.)

You can actually see it happening on the video someone's posted on this page. It only seems to happen after a "full steering lock", small movements are fine. But if you do a full turn the car flicks back maybe 10-15 degrees the other way when you let go, and it really screws the steering up.

Which version of the game are you trying?  Can you do a screen shot of the title screen please?  I've just fried the final version here and this issue is something I fixed before releasing the final version.

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I only bought and downloaded it from here yesterday. I'm playing the ADF, which according to the file data was last modified on 2021-05-06 at 14.37. 

The CD32 version is the same.

Any word on this? The version I downloaded definitely doesn't have that issue fixed :(


Fantastic, love this game!

I've done a short gameplay video of it:


Thank you for making the download only version  available! :)

Just wanted to say that it was an absolute pleasure to watch the YouTube diary of the development of this game. Well done! (I’m still working on mine though I did have 6 months off) cheers

Hi. How is it best to contact you regarding a review for C. Wilkins? Cheers

Hello, how do I contact you on Facebook to purchase the boxed edition?

Will there be a second round for box orders? 

Boxed edition orders won't be open up again via itch, however if you contact me on Facebook or at the EAB I'll add you to the list for the remaining boxes that I have.

Hi, I'd like one of these boxed if any left or still time for preorder the next batch.

I sent a message on facebook but i dont thinknit was to your actual account but one just for this game.

Cheers John

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Hello! I'm the webmaster of Radio PARALAX, a webradio dedicated for chiptune remixes, Demoscene and retro game music. I'm planning a livestream this Saturday, showing new retro game releases on our Twitch livestream. Would it be possible to get a copy of this finished game, to show it in our broadcast and for making some promotion of this fantastic game? I would look forward to it. Please let me know wether wthis would be possible or not. :-)

Regards, Manuel (

Sure, no problem.  I created a download key for you and have sent it via messenger on your Facebook page.   Cheers!

Thank you very much!

I just read about this game on Is it still possible to order the boxed version of this game? Please please pretty please... :)

I still have some left, you’ll need to message me on facebook though or on my discord.

I'm not on Facebook. What's your discord tag please?

Cool, I just ordered a physical box too. Great that you also includes the source codes, from us to learn from and have fun with. Would love to see Rygar physical too.Thanks

What a great homage to the Super Sprint arcade game!  Have you considered adding support for the Atari 2600 Driving Controller?  This controller is usable on any Commodore/Atari system (with a driver) and reproduces the steering input of the arcade game.  Its hard to get a hold of an original controller since it was made for only one Atari 2600 game (Indy 500), but they are easy to construct.

The controller uses a rotary encoder and sends a signal on pins 1,2 (up/down) as it rotates: (1,0), (1,1), (0,1), (0,0).  Tracking the order and frequency in which these signals show up gives you the direction and speed of rotation.

Happy to give more context on this as needed.  I have a video on my channel that shows the construction of a driving controller and how it works too.

A question: once I have configured the four player (going to "CONTROLS" option, then configuring them), I don't know how to return to "main" choices, in order to go to "START" option: pressing joy button I'm bounced between the choice of player to configure and the configuration of the selected player.

How to go back?

Thanks in advance


I had the same problem. 

about to purchase this awesome game please add suport for the 4 player joystick used in the likes of settlers

Hi there and thanks for the nice feedback.

4 player support via Joystick is already possible in the game, you just need to map the cars to the appropriate parallel port outputs.

Hey Graeme, wonderful work you did here, congrats!

I'm interested in purchasing a physical edition, but am I understanding it right that it's limited to preorder only until 2 weeks from release, i.e. for just another week or so?

Hi there and thanks for the kind words.

Yes that's pretty much correct,   The physical edition will be available for pre-order until 21st May at which point I will contact everyone to confirm shipping and if they also would like a Rygar box.  

Will the big box contain a manual? It is not listed.

yes, box will have a manual.

I got it working on the MiSTer FPGA project using this KICK.ROM: KS ROM 3.0 (A1200) rev 39.106. Beautiful game, congrats!

Another suggestion for 4-players: implement serial communication as in Lotus Turbo Challenge II, so you can play with two players (two joysticks) per machine...

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I recently bought it. My friend Gabriele Ferri which played with me noticed that accelerating with button and with joystick in diagonal "up/left" and "up/down" makes the car go ahead instead of steering left or right. I think that with those diagonals, the "up/down" component should be ignored by the "left/right" one should be considered. 

OK, I'll look into that as an improvement.

It's fucking marvelous fella! 

Great work on the controls. Getting the balance right must have been tricky. And going high res was also a bold move.

Keep up the fabulous work!

btw, I work in the games industry, and I'd be interested in talking about future Amiga projects with you. 

Wow, thanks for the kind words and I appreciate your feedback!  Indeed I was not sure how the hires interlace would have went down.

By all means if you are interested in working with me or other Amiga devs then I run a discord channel that you would find interesting:

There's some very talented guys on my discord, including programmers, artists and musicians who are all into Amiga dev.

Thanks I'll check it out 


I'm trying to load the demo on my A1200 but can't get past this screen, even though I've held 2 buttons down and disabled everything except DF0:

I do have a Blizzard 1230 MkIV with SCSI attachment but can't see any way to disabled that in the menu.

That is odd, it seems like you have some sort of drive switch going on there?  If you are comfortable with changing the startup-sequence on the floppy disk then remove the references to "DF0:"

So the startup sequence will look like:


Change it to:


Alternatively if you can't do this then I can send you an an updated floppy.

Thanks for the suggestion - I did as you suggested but basically got the same result. I could see those files in the root of the floppy when I edited the SS so don't know why it's not seeing them...

That's really quite odd and I'm not sure why that would be happening, do you have a floppy drive switcher or something like that?  Also did you try booting the game from floppy with all peripherals disabled?

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The issue is perhaps the user has SCSI.device loaded?

For the startup, you could always assign the path to the current disk like this:

Assign Sys: "TurboSprint":  (or whatever the disk is called.)
CD sys:
add44k    ... etc

If I can offer a suggestion. Add66k is better then Add44k. Also if you can find the FastMemFirst command from the WB1.3 disks, you could put this in the startup-sequence so that everything is loaded into fast ram where possible, and this often saves a bit more chip ram.

Perhaps also try:
C:Avail Flush

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Hey thanks for all the help guys. Out of desperation I imaged a new floppy (overwriting the existing one) and it failed with a bad sector. Created another disk on a fresh floppy and it worked and the game boots!

Don't know why it never gave any indication of a disk fault when trying to load before but sorry to have wasted your time when it was my own fault all the same.

Anyway the demo was terrific so gonna buy a copy now :D

Thanks again.

PS. Is there any way to have the game remember your initials so you don't have to enter them at the end of every race?

Out. Stan. Ding. I love it. I bought it immediately without reading any of the text above and got lost in the remapping of the controls and had to reboot plus I can't get the WHDLoad side working but hey ho, played it anyway and it's awesome.

I appreciate the feedback and thanks for the purchase.  Did you try the version 1.0.1 of the WHD?  There's also version 1.0.0 in the zip download, so i'm not sure which one you tried.

Hi,  I have paid for the physical edition but wasn't asked for my address, is this something that follows?

i will contact you via email when the box editions arrives for dispatch to you and confirm your shipping address.  Many thanks

Thank you and thank you for all your conversions they are excellent.

What a fantastic game! I find the keyboard controls better for me than a joystick. It also appears to freeze on "saving high scores to disk" every once in a while (twice so far in 30 minutes)

make sure disk is write enabled so the scores can save.  Graeme


I get a "Country Mismatch" message and cannot pay!?

Looks amazing. Great work, Graeme!

Cheers mate, really appreciated!

Where/how can I download the trial? very curious as a fan of super off road!


I've uploaded a newer time limited beta which is closer to the final game.


I loooooove it!! Please continue to work on it! And please please please try to get it big box release :

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Looking forward to this, thanks

Niiiicccce! Please add support for 4-Player-Adapter! :)


yes, the game already supports 4 player adapters via parallel port.