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Devil's Temple 

Son of the Kung-Fu Master

Three years after Thomas defeated X at the Devil's Temple, X has once again resurrected his evil army of thugs and kidnapped Lena.

Play as Tommy (the Son of the Kung-Fu Master) and make your way to the Devil's Temple where Lena is being held hostage.  Use your superior Kung-Fu skills to destroy anyone who gets in your way and rescue your girl before it's too late.

Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung-Fu Master is a Spin-Off of the 1984 genre defining arcade game - Kung Fu Master for the Commodore Amiga computer!  From the team who brought you Rygar, Turbo Sprint, Bomb Jack Beer Edition and the eagerly anticipated Super Metal Hero, this all action game will test your gaming skills like no other.


  • 10 challenging stages with bosses
  • 3 Bonus stages
  • Weapon pickups and Easter eggs
  • Full 50 frames per second action
  • Enhanced graphics with the AGA chipset
  • Awesome pixel art with over 500 frames of character animation


  • A500 with 0.5mb slow ram (Minimum Configuration)
  • 2 Button Controller
  • Hard drive recommend
  • Additional drives if running from floppy disk


A500, A500+, A600, A1200, CD32, A500 Mini, Win-UAE, FS-UAE

Known Issues

There are reports of issues with the game running on 060 hardware, some enemies stop moving and cause the player to lose a life.  This is being investigated.


Running from floppy disk

Insert the Devils Temple disk #1 into your Amiga floppy drive.  Devil's Temple will make use of additional floppy drives if you have them *only* when you have additional ram >1mb installed in your Amiga.  

The game will disable any external drives that are connected if it detects the Amiga has only 1Mb of ram.

Running from WHDLoad

The game includes a WHDslave download compressed in LHA format, extract the contents of the LHA archive into your WHDload games folder and then double click on the Devils Temple icon.  

Running from hard drive

The game can be installed directly to harddrive, outside of WHDload.  To do so, simply copy all of the files from the three floppy disks to the desired directory on your harddrive, then run the DevilsTemple.exe file.

Running from CD32

Insert the Devils Temple CD32 CDROM and follow onscreen instructions.

Installing on A500 Mini

1) Copy the DevilsTemple_3.2_WHD.LHA archive to the root of a prepared A500 mini USB stick.  

2) Download and insert the DevilsTemple_3.2_mini.xml file and insert it into the whdload.xml game database located on the USB stick in path '\THEA500\whdboot\game-data\whdload_db.xml'

3) Select the game from the USB stick

Physical Boxed Edition

There is a limited run of a boxed edition of Devils Temple, these can be ordered at www.geezergames.co.uk, a purchase of the boxed edition will give you a download key of the digital version also.


Game Programming: Graeme (McGeezer) Cowie

Artwork: Kristof (TenShu) Romagnoli 

Audio: Ian (Hoffman) Ford, Andrzej (no9) Dobrowolski, Martin (DJ Metune) Erikkson


To ensure Devil's Temple will run on your system the first disk (ADF) of Devil's Temple can be downloaded for free, this contains the first stage of the game.  Geezer Games strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to test this first prior to committing to a purchase.

A limited boxed version of Devil's Temple and other releases is available at www.geezergames.co.uk

We hope you like this game and continue to support our future projects.

GeezerGames  2022

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AuthorGeezer Games
TagsAmiga, Kung Fu, kung-fu-master, Retro


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DevilsTemple_v3.4-Demo.adf 880 kB
Devils Temple Game Manual 42 MB
DevilsTemple_v3.5_CD.iso 55 MB
DevilsTemple_v3.5_HD.lha 2 MB
DevilsTemple_v3.5_WHD.lha 2 MB
DevilsTemple3.5_mini.xml 720 bytes
Game Music Module Pack 1 MB
DevilsTemple-Disk1.adf 880 kB
DevilsTemple-Disk2.adf 880 kB
DevilsTemple-Disk3.adf 880 kB

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