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Devil's Temple 

Son of the Kung-Fu Master

Three years after Thomas defeated X at the Devil's Temple, X has once again resurrected his evil army of thugs and kidnapped Lena.

Play as Tommy (the Son of the Kung-Fu Master) and make your way to the Devil's Temple where Lena is being held hostage.  Use your superior Kung-Fu skills to destroy anyone who gets in your way and rescue your girl before it's too late.

Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung-Fu Master is a Spin-Off of the 1984 genre defining arcade game - Kung Fu Master for the Commodore Amiga computer!  From the team who brought you Rygar, Turbo Sprint, Bomb Jack Beer Edition and the eagerly anticipated Super Metal Hero, this all action game will test your gaming skills like no other.


  • 10 challenging stages with bosses
  • 3 Bonus stages
  • Weapon pickups and Easter eggs
  • Full 50 frames per second action
  • Enhanced graphics with the AGA chipset
  • Awesome pixel art with over 500 frames of character animation


  • A500 with 0.5mb slow ram (Minimum Configuration)
  • 2 Button Controller
  • Hard drive recommend
  • Additional drives if running from floppy disk


A500, A500+, A600, A1200, CD32, A500 Mini, Win-UAE, FS-UAE

Known Issues

There are reports of issues with the game running on 060 hardware, some enemies stop moving and cause the player to lose a life.  This is being investigated.


Running from floppy disk

Insert the Devils Temple disk #1 into your Amiga floppy drive.  Devil's Temple will make use of additional floppy drives if you have them *only* when you have additional ram >1mb installed in your Amiga.  

The game will disable any external drives that are connected if it detects the Amiga has only 1Mb of ram.

Running from WHDLoad

The game includes a WHDslave download compressed in LHA format, extract the contents of the LHA archive into your WHDload games folder and then double click on the Devils Temple icon.  

Running from hard drive

The game can be installed directly to harddrive, outside of WHDload.  To do so, simply copy all of the files from the three floppy disks to the desired directory on your harddrive, then run the DevilsTemple.exe file.

Running from CD32

Insert the Devils Temple CD32 CDROM and follow onscreen instructions.

Installing on A500 Mini

1) Copy the DevilsTemple_3.2_WHD.LHA archive to the root of a prepared A500 mini USB stick.  

2) Download and insert the DevilsTemple_3.2_mini.xml file and insert it into the whdload.xml game database located on the USB stick in path '\THEA500\whdboot\game-data\whdload_db.xml'

3) Select the game from the USB stick

Physical Boxed Edition

There is a limited run of a boxed edition of Devils Temple, these can be ordered at www.geezergames.co.uk, a purchase of the boxed edition will give you a download key of the digital version also.


Game Programming: Graeme (McGeezer) Cowie

Artwork: Kristof (TenShu) Romagnoli 

Audio: Ian (Hoffman) Ford, Andrzej (no9) Dobrowolski, Martin (DJ Metune) Erikkson


To ensure Devil's Temple will run on your system the first disk (ADF) of Devil's Temple can be downloaded for free, this contains the first stage of the game.  Geezer Games strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to test this first prior to committing to a purchase.

A limited boxed version of Devil's Temple and other releases is available at www.geezergames.co.uk

We hope you like this game and continue to support our future projects.

GeezerGames  2022

Updated 15 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorGeezer Games
TagsAmiga, Kung Fu, kung-fu-master, Retro


Buy Now£14.00 GBP or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £14 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

DevilsTemple_v3.5_CD.iso 55 MB
DevilsTemple_v3.5_HD.lha 2 MB
DevilsTemple_v3.5_WHD.lha 2 MB
DevilsTemple3.5_mini.xml 720 bytes
Game Music Module Pack 1 MB
DevilsTemple-Disk1.adf 880 kB
DevilsTemple-Disk2.adf 880 kB
DevilsTemple-Disk3.adf 880 kB

Download demo

DevilsTemple_v3.4-Demo.adf 880 kB
Devils Temple Game Manual 42 MB

Development log


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the game is very nice, I played it several times and I still found some bugs, even in this latest version 3.4, these are:

in the sixth level it happened to me several times that the characters who throw the knives block the game, no longer allowing Tommy to continue, it is necessary to die to restart the level, this thing seems to me to have also happened in a subsequent level always by a character throwing knives and bending down blocked the game

at the end of the eighth level, after killing Master Jung Mao, if you play via ADF with the GOTEK, but also with WHDLoad version 1.1 01.11.2022 done by CFou !, the game freezes completely as it is about to load the ninth level, giving a red background.     So It's necessary to restart the Amiga, because everything is blocked.     If, on the other hand, in the same Amiga I play with the HD version, this problem does not occur and you complete all the levels of the game without any problem

I can't find the .MOD audio files in the ISO for CD32, mentioned in the manual.    I really like the music in the game

It would be nice if these small problems were solved too


OK, I've confirmed the stage 9 bug and fixed it so I'll produce an update shortly.  I'll try and reproduce the level 6 / knifer bug.. it would help if you could tell me your hardware config you are using or even better, have a video?  Thanks for posting!

(1 edit) (+1)

OK thanks

I did not make the video, but it happened to me two or three times, however it is immediately at the beginning of the sixth level and the character who blocks Tommy's path is the first to throw the knives as he ducks

It happened to me with the A500 + ECS 2Mb 8Mb fast chip

are the MOD files downloadable somewhere?

I'll ask the musicians if they are ok with me sharing the mods on the page and look into the bug over the weekend.

found other bugs using now other amiga 4000 with 060 in HD mode: stage 3 the character on the right locked, stage 6 the character kneeling left locked, stage 8 Tommy higher than the boss

Then problems with WHDLoad, yours 020 version and CFoul's 000 version running the game, while no problem using HD version, as well as in the A500 +

ok, have a nice weekend!

Does the bug with the characters being stuck happen all of the time on your 060 system???  Or is it intermittent?  

I can confirm the updated demo v3.4 now works on my A2000 OCS 1Mb PAL with fast ram ! 

please which is the menu screen of the game to enter cheat mode? ok the year, but I don't understand how and where insert it

On the Menu, move up to Stage.  Then select 1 (press fire), 9 (press fire), 8 (press fire), 4 (press fire), 1 (press fire).  The screen should flash Green.

(2 edits)

thanks! It works

I have found that when playing from floppy disks, it is very useful to have a DF1: drive so that you don't have to do too many swaps

Great game ! I have been following for many months now. I can confirm the updated demo v3.4 now works on my a600 with 3.2 rom, 2mb chip and 4mb fast, where as previous version did not. However, the updated version does not work on my stock a1200 with 3.0 rom. It gets to the splash screen, then the start game screen and then just hangs on loading please wait screen. Any ideas ?

This is working fine under emulation.  Can you tell me more about what you have in your stock A1200, do you have any peripherals installed at all?  (expansions/hard drive) anything?

Thanks for your reply !

No fast memory, no accelerators. Just compact flash hard drive. I have tried disabling the hard drive in the early startup menu, still hangs, I removed the hdd from the machine, still hangs. Removed and cleaned the floppy drive heads, cleaned the disks, still hangs . Wrote the demo floppy numerous times to numerous disks, had a small degree of success with the "nibble" option in x-copy. Yet it didnt always successfully load. I tried a gotek from another machine and success it loaded ! It appears to be the the floppy drive and/or failing floppy disks.


Excellent game, graphically, soundly, wonderful. I know that an update will come out in a few days, what I do miss is a manual that can be downloaded for the digital version.

Congratulations on this work of art!

Thank you!  The manual is coming pretty soon.

Thanxs Man! Great Notice


Lovely work! It's high quality and obviously a real labour of love. It also plays perfectly on Steam Deck's Emulation Station, so I've been playing it on the go!


Great game ... no highscore table? I think there isnt and this game needs one for scrore chasing

It was planned but sadly never made it into the game, maybe in an update.

that would make it perfect , great work on this game by the way

The game is soooo beautful and lovely crafted! Sadly I cannot get it to start on my A1000 with 512k+9mb, all I get is a garbled cyan screen. Replicating the configuration on WinUAE also replicates the problem, so I'm confident it can be fixed! Game will start properly if 1mb of chip, on WinUAE.

That colour on the background means it can't allocate a memory pool...  probably lack of chip ram.  Make sure you have everything disconnected to get max chip ram.

thanks for your reply! I confirm it's a chip ram problem in presence of a memory expansion. Looks like it only starts with 512kb chip + 512kb slow fast, adding fast ram prevents the game from starting. On real hardware, I cannot disable extra ram because 1mb is required.

maybe you want to test the whdload version


What a fantastic release! Must be one of the greatest Amiga games ever! Runs perfect on my Amiga 4000/030. Thanks


Great-looking game!

FYI on my CD32+TF330 (full 68030 with MMU), I had to add the NOMMU tooltype to the included WHDLoad slave. Without that tooltype, it crashed on startup with an access fault at PC $43e0a23c, trying to do a long write to $43ef000c. The quit key specified in the WHDLoad launch popup (PrtSc) also doesn't seem to work, and nor do any of the other common WHDLoad quit keys.

The HD (not WHD) version works fine, though.

(2 edits)

I can confirm that even the full game does not work in A2000 68000 OCS PAL with 1Mb chip ram plus fast ram, it loads for a while from the floppy and then restarts with software error failure guru
This is not good, I hope next week's update fixes the problem

I am unable to get the demo to run on my Amiga 1200/Vampire, or Amiga 2000/Vampire and another Amiga 2000/Emu68 (even with slow mem enabled).  Also it did not work on my CDTV.   It hangs at Loading, Please wait (red text, black background).  Are none of these Amigas supported?

I have an update coming next week which might fix some of these issues.  But the whole point of the demo is to ensure the game works on your system, with so many configurations it's practically impossible for me to test everything.

I think my issue is NTSC vs. PAL.  I have all NTSC Amigas.  I can try to change them to PAL in early startup then run the demo.

The game will definitely not run on an NTSC Amiga. 

Right.  I switched to PAL and it worked on my A2000's and A4000/060.  Demo was good but short ;)

Thanks for the Halloween price drop :) I just purchased the game! Cheers!

I had the same problem with the A2000 strangely with only fast ram, while no problem with the A1200 and A4000 with 040 and 060 and A600, using the demo version
I haven't tried the game in the full version I purchased yet, but I'll be playing it these days
Regarding the CDTV you will have to disable the internal CDROM with the jumper, otherwise you do not have 1Mb complete to load the game, if you have not already done so


I bought your beautiful game, good job you did
Could you add support for CD32 joypad and compatible ps1 amiga joypad CD32 adapter to use four keys?
Particularly for the flying kick it would be very useful

I have just downloaded the demo and there's a lot I love about this game and I really want to buy the physical version from you BUT I am struggling to progress and I have it on the easy setting - I simply cannot get past the first boss the blue oyster cop - just a couple of hits from him kill me yet he requires many and then when I am dead I have to go all the way back to the beginning of the stage which is very frustrating - is defeating him easier than this and is it different perhaps in the full version?


The best way to kill the first boss is to quickly run up and jump kick him, then quickly punch him.  Low and high kicks are the weakest attacks, punches are medium attacks and jump kicks are the strongest attacks.  The best strategy with the bosses is to be very offensive.

Brilliant. Thank you - I defeated him and bought the full game on the strength of that!

Hmmm. Just a silly question: but how can Tommy be son of Thomas, if only 3 years have lasted since Thomas defeated X? ;-)
I'm confused.

(1 edit)

i'm not sure why you are confused?

OK, seeing as I haven't had a reply it's best to clear it up.  We could say the original Thomas in the 1984 game was a a Master of Kung Fu and probably a bit older, maybe mid to late 30's.  

Master of Kung Fu Issue 64 (1978)

Runs very nice on my A500 and decided to order the physical copy. First new physical game I've bought for my Amiga in 30 years. Great work and a stunning game. 👍🔥

Has this been tested on Recalbox or Batocera? I’m interested in buying it to run on either of those platforms.

hi there, I'm unsure what Recalbox or Batocera is, the game was not unit tested against those, you're welcome to download the demo version to see if it runs.

(6 edits) (+1)


I bought Your Wonderfull game.

Congratulations for Your Hard Works.

Here the link for the WHDLoad installation from 3 disks version (version 1.0 + trainer)

Many thanks,
Best regards,

(2 edits) (+1)

Wow this is amazing! Is there an option second button jump in the full version or WHDLoad? Thanks for the hard work (EDIT: Oh I see 2btn is punch cool cool)

(EDIT2: PURCHASED! Thanks for the Halloween Special McGeezer you rock team!)

trying on M1 MBP with vAmiga and fs-uae, both fail to load the game. Will try on real HW later. Thoughts ?


Works great in vAmiga w/ KS3.1 (A500,600etc), ECS 2MB + 8MB, 020… 

(2 edits) (-1)

I re-tried with fs-uae and it worked . Thanks for this information, about vAmiga but 020 isn't supported AFAIK (and shouldn't be necessary) and tried more options without success... 

(1 edit) (+1)

Isn't supported in which? There has been alot of updates to vAmiga (and the core codebase) … I was just letting u know what settings work on my end (they're just my default setup to match my real HW) Hope it helps! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Many grats on the release, you put your soul into this one, cheers for everything!  Do pre-orders for the physical games come with access to the digital version?


Hi Andrew, Yes it does.  Check your email.



Amazing, thanks Graeme! No Mercy! 

(1 edit) (+1)

From the graphics, music and playability it's a masterpiece. 

And very addictive! Congrats! Really love it :-)


Awesome game!

great in megadrive should be amazing as well

The game should be completed now. Where i can buy/download it?


The game is not completed yet.

Ok, thanks for the update

I don't like the violent girl scene, nor the Vigilante-style dress with pants. The rest is nice.


The violence I will make as a game setting.  The pants I can't do anything about.  Thanks for your comment.


That's a great idea, McGeezer !

Game is set in eighties, that's for sure.

But seeing rude langage and teeth of this girl flying... Well, the game is produced in 21st century. :\

It would be a shame if a game of this quality shock people the wrong way. Maybe viloence should be turn off by default ?

Yes, maturity mode off by default is what it will be.  No teeth or blood and no swear words in the game.  

very good

nice game! reminds me on "vigilante"




I love it deeply, a perfect remix of two great games. 

I wish I had an amiga to play it... 

Any suggestion on good emulator?

thanks for the kind words.

Depends on your OS but if you use Windows then get WinUAE.



Good work!

Hi, excellent demo ! ... they are glitches during the intro (with minimig -mister fpga). 

Hi, Could you try the new update I uploaded and see if it is fixed please?

With demo 1.3 = it works fine !

Looks fabulous, plays smoothly, but the sound effects are lagging seriously half a second behind the events. 

The sound is not lagging at all, please make sure you have a working setup.

Everything works here, exactly the same configs on my emulator as usual, nothing else has sound lag 🙁

What exactly do you think has a sound lag?  Please explain in detail.  As the coder of the game I wouldn't intentionally have sound lag on actions so something is a miss somewhere.  What is it you are doing and what is your Amiga config?

I mean when I punch someone and the hit indicator flashes up, the impact sound doesn't come along until half a second later. Config file is as follows:

config_description=Configuration for disk 'AGA'




; *** Controller/Input Configuration







joyport1_friendlyname=USB Gamepad 


joyport1_amiberry_custom_none_north=Joy2 Fire/Mouse2 Left Button

joyport1_amiberry_custom_none_south=Joy2 2nd Button/Mouse2 Right Button










; *** Host-Specific

; *** Common / Paths







; *** Floppy Drives







; *** Hard Drives

; *** CD / CD32


; *** Display / Screen Setup














; *** CPU options










; *** Memory










; *** Chipset









; *** Sound Options










; *** Misc. Options


What version of WinUAE are you using?

(1 edit)

Doesn't seem to work on older  NTSC OCS Amigas (eg A500) .. just an FYI some older Amigas are region locked because they have older Agnus chips without the added modes .. i.e. my NTSC A500 can not switch to PAL .. (same is true for some PAL Amigas they can not do NTSC modes).

The game won't be released for NTSC Amiga's.

Thats unfortunate .. hopefully you revisit this .. but thanks for the reply.

A great game is coming!

Can't wait to play it, but it's not clear for me if a digital edition is planed or not, as i did not see it included in the Box package pre-order. Will it be available as a digital download ? Many thanks 

Hi yes, anyone who buys the physical edition will get a download link to the digital version when released.  (I really should make that clear, so thanks for the tip).

You haven't actually made that any clearer. Is buying a physical copy the only way to get the digital one?

To be crystal clear then - You will be able to purchase a digital version and a physical version.  If you purchase a physical version you will get the digital version included.

cool :)

First of all, looks like awesome work!! Very exited to buy the game digital game in the end. Second i just want to give u a feedback on why maybe a "perfect" customer ist not buying the (beautiful) boxed version in this case... 35 Pounds. Puh this is hard. I think maybe a part of the high price is disk AND cd32 (which i definitly dont need CD32) - plus 8.80 pounds to germany, plus presumeably brexit (of course nothing anyone of us could change) fees on top. This coming close to around about 50 pounds, even with 10%.  Thats in total round about 60 € (EUR) - and that in pre-payment 4 month ago i guess?! anyway just want to give u a feedback, maybe it helps for next projects. Thanks for the hard work for our beloved machine and friend amiga. Greetings Stallone


Thanks for your post and to be fair they're valid comments.  

However please take into consideration a few things,

The first is that I don't make any profit on the game boxes, they're essentially made available because I like to offer them to the Amiga community of collectors, they are difficult and time consuming to produce and have quite a bit of risk associated with producing them.  Please consider the time it takes for me to prepare and send the boxes as it isn't a short amount of time and has to be done around my work and family time.

The second thing is a quick one in that the game includes the digital download version - so please take that into account.

The third thing is that back in 1992 people would gladly paid £25 for a boxed version of a good Amiga game (piracy aside), today £25 is worth over £50 due to inflation.  I agree though the postage is expensive when shipping to Europe but it's all I can offer as the form factor of the game boxes are not that of DVD's or CD's that can easily fit through letter boxes.  Believe me when I say I hate having to pay postage costs.

Lastly, yes the Brexit situation doesn't help with costs as the boxes will be sent delivery duty unpaid, while it's what the UK voted for some apportion of blame needs to be put at the horrendous logistics handling costs in some European countries.

In summary, yes the boxed version of the game isn't cheap, but then the game box isn't cheap to produce from my side.


Thanks McGeezer for your understanding and i totaly understand your points - its not about to making a lot of money. Its about to giving the chance of a very beautiful and valueable Amiga Box for the collection. Thanks again!

WOW incredible !!!

Look nice, well done.

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