A downloadable game

This is a faithful re-production of Kung Fu Master coded in 68000 assembler for the Amiga A500 (stock with 0.5mb slow ram expansion).  The game is to be released early 2022.

The graphics are being redrawn as shown in the screen mock ups.

Code: Graeme Cowie (Mcgeezer)

Pixels: TenShu

Audio: Martin Eriksson (DJ Metune)


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can't wait love all these releases keep them coming


Very nice, can't wait for release!

Kung Fu Master is a game I have a lot of fond memories of, so I am looking forward to it. Will there be an option to play with arcade type graphics for authenticity?

Game looks stunning Graeme, and TenShu the pixels are slick, top work, definitely a must buy game :)

mcgeezer, sir lord of amiga ports!

The legend of Mcgeezer continues!

Awesome !

Wow this looks amazing! Any plans for a boxed version? :)


Yes, boxed edition will be available.

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Nice graphics !


Why is no one porting C64 Airwolf to Amiga? That's the real question no one is asking right now :D


It's one game I am keen on making at least the graphics to this port for.  Lots of C64 games need porting. 

This is looking just great, Graeme! Looking forward to it for sure!


WOW! And is just OCS


Awesome! Thank you!!


You, good sir, are why the Amiga is still worth owning in the 21st Century!

Looks awesome.