Devils Temple - Update version 3.5

Devils Temple has been updated to version 3.5

Bugs fixed in this release

  • When using the ADF's, Level 9 now loads (mcgeezer), Stage 10 files moved to disk 2 to fix.  I'm amazed nobody picked this up sooner and just shows floppies/adfs are not in fashion.
  • End of game bug fixed where the game would not end if the player moves immediately right when X appears.  Fixed by spawning Lena before X, now Lena will always be in the chair. 


DevilsTemple_v3.5_CD.iso 55 MB
Nov 12, 2022
DevilsTemple_v3.5_HD.lha 2 MB
Nov 12, 2022
DevilsTemple_v3.5_WHD.lha 2 MB
Nov 12, 2022
DevilsTemple3.5_mini.xml 720 bytes
Nov 12, 2022
Game Music Module Pack 1 MB
Nov 12, 2022
DevilsTemple-Disk1.adf 880 kB
Nov 12, 2022
DevilsTemple-Disk2.adf 880 kB
Nov 12, 2022
DevilsTemple-Disk3.adf 880 kB
Nov 12, 2022

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Finally got to play this on my A1200 and I have to say it's a fantastic game :) Thank you! There's one thing that might be good to mention in the manual as well, though - how to use the weapons that you pick up!

Now big box version is out, do we get high saving in the next update ;)

I bought the Game  and i am really enjoying it so far !

Scrolling could be s bit smoother tho; but i am osessed with 1x1 Pixel Scrolling.

The Hit detection especially on Bosses could be improoved;
but who am i to talk about thing like these   ;)

I am to stupid  to make even a PONG game for crying out loud !     :)

Anyway; thank you so much for this Mr. Mcgeezer !

You ROCK !!!

Excellent game. I bumped into that last boss bug the first time I completed it glad its fixed. Do the new adfs recognise external drives now. Before I had to swap disks and it was a bit of a pain.

They will only accept extra drives if you're running a machine with more than 1mb of ram.  I agree though, the drive swapping is a pain if you're on a basic machine and I'll try to make it better in a later release.

Ah. That explains it. Personally the fix would be great but I've also got the option of running it on the hdds on my a600 and a1200s. I just like going the full retro experience and using real floppies when I can :) cheers for the reply.

Great game

Thanks buddy.

Still no saving of the high scores then :(

Not yet.  Once I get boxed editions shipped I'll look into it, with xmas coming along too I'm short on time.

Great news! Once high save is in im going to put in a lot of time to this game, once again ... great work as very nice game